This wiki is intended to provide a positive educational and cultural exchange between the students of the Palmyra Middle School and the students of LBS School in Haiti. It provides mutual, factual, content specific education to and from both schools. It strives to bring about an understanding between the two cultures through direct sharing that portrays a realistic and accurate view of our cultures and aspects of our daily lives.


  • Users of this wiki will be guided by the mission of the wiki.

  • All pages and links should strive to make accommodations to be bilingual (French and English) and if possible, include Haitian Creole.

  • Student generated pages will fall into one of three categories:

  1. Educational-To provide direct content instruction focused on a specific topic. These pages must be planned, purposeful, and accurate. They need to include a purpose statement of the page near the top of the page to keep the page focused.
  2. Cultural-To provide insight into daily routines, customs, or traditions of each participating country. These pages must be planned, purposeful and portray a positive, accurate, and realistic view of the cultural content presented. They must include a purpose statement of the page near the top of the page to keep the page focused.
  3. Special Request-These pages fall outside direct education or cultural exchange and are in response to some special need or purpose. For example, “Lickson's Machine Page” was a special request for a young student at Les Bons Samaritains that enjoys looking at cars and trucks.

  • New page ideas must be approved by Mr. Remington before posting.

  • Members need to be respectful of each others’ postings, creativity, and edits. Whenever possible, notifications and discussions should take place electronically or otherwise when changing the work of others. These discussions should be positive and mutually agreed upon.

Note: This wiki is a new and evolving medium, the mission and guidelines are subject to evolve with the wiki. At this point, some basic guidelines were needed to maintain the focus, integrity, and functionality of the wiki.

Wiki Page Edit or Creation Form (Sample)
[see Mr. Rem for a hard copy]


Page Name:_


Current Editor:_
(If undergoing a major edit.)
Page Type (circle one)


Objective statement for wiki page if not already posted on the page.

Reason for edit:

Page Checklist

  • All English text has French translation (Creole translation is also encouraged but optional.)
  • Page is easy for the viewer to view. (This would include such items as text and background colors make it easy to read, font is clear and big enough to read, page is organized and uncluttered with too much “stuff”.)
  • Page has one or more still pictures or images.
  • Page has one or more videos embedded.
  • Page has one or more web links to related content.
  • Page matches the objective stated on the page.
  • Page has been checked by another person for accuracy of facts and material.
  • Page displays an realistic view or perception of life in the United States
(This mainly applies to cultural pages.)
  • Page respects copyrights.