L'ordinateur de XO d'un ordinateur portable par enfant (OLPC)

Ce portable peut le faire tout ! Avec la caractéristique comme Internet, faire vos propres programmes de musique, les arts de langue amusants et les jeux de maths, un conseil de dessin et plus ! Cet ordinateur est aussi presque industrutcable ! C'est le plastique de preuve d'élément peut arrêter presque n'importe quoi d'endommager il.

Le Wiki de OLPC pour XO

The XO computer from One [[#|Laptop]] Per Child (OLPC)
This laptop can do it all! With feature like the internet, make your own [[#|music]] programs, fun language arts and math games, a drawing board and more! This computer is also almost industrutcable! It's element proof plastic can stop almost anything from damaging it.

Introduction to the XO

This link has many more links to the left of the screen that you will find helpful.
Opening the XO

Before you try to open the computer, please look at this link.
Starting the XO

This is how you start the computer. To TURN OFF the computer, you can do the following:
1.) Normal shut down involves moving the cursor over the center XO icon on the "Activity View" screen. By clicking on the center XO icon, you should see a pop up with an option to shut down. This is the best way to shut it down.
2.) A forced shut down can be done by holding the white power button down for 10 seconds.

The Keyboard

The Battery

Sugar...the operating system

Sugar Interface (Navigating the XO)

Home View

Activity View

Neighborhood View

Group View

Screen Frame Key
Our wiki works on the XO. Here is Adeline and some of her classmates.

The Journal

About the Internet

Connecting to the Internet

OLPC Resource links

This links to 2 other OLPC links for more information and resources.

XO Forums and Communication Channel

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